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BibleJourney: Genesis


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Selected Bibliography: Genesis 1-11

Why Books?
It is important to review commentaries to see how scholars have interpreted the text of Scripture as God has directed them. The following list of commentaries have a range from easy to more technical. Pick your comfort level. Have fun!

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Reader Friendly

The Communicator's Commentary: Genesis

The Communicator's Commentary: Genesis
by D. Stuart Briscoe


Genesis by Derek Kidner

The Message of Genesis 1-11: The Dawn of Creation (Bible Speaks Today Series) by by David Atkinson

Encountering the Book of Genesis

Encountering the Book of Genesis (Encountering Biblical Studies) by Bill T. Arnold

More Technical

Genesis (Anchor Bible. Vol. 1

Genesis: A New Translation With Introduction and Commentary (Anchor Bible, Vol. 1)
Ephraim A. Speiser (Editor)

Genesis (New International Biblical Commentary. Old Testament Series, 1) by John E. Hartley

Creation and Fall

Creation and Fall : A Theological Exposition of Genesis 1-3 (Dietrich Bonhoeffer Works, Vol 3) by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

One Volume Bible Dictionary and Commentary
One volume dictionaries and commentaries are a good place to begin building your Bible study toolbox. The following are some of the best on the market.

New Bible Dictionary, 3rd Edition

New Bible Dictionary by D. R. W. Wood (Editor), A. R. Millard (Editor), J. I. Packer (Contributor), I. Howard Marshall, Donald J. Wiseman

New Bible Commentary: 21st Century Edition

New Bible Commentary : 21st Century Edition by R.T. France, J.A. Motyer, G.J. Wenham (Editor), D. A. Carson (Editor)

Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels

Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels by Joel B. Green (Editor), Scot McKnight (Editor), I. Howard Marshall (Editor)

The Revell Bible Dictionary

The Revell Bible Dictionary by Lawrence O. Richards (Editor)

International Standard Version

The International Standard Version (ISV). The ISV is the Scripture used in the study of the Gospel of Mark.




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