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Place the Current BibleJourney Bible Study on Your Website

We are syndicating the BibleJourney Bible Study to websites around the world. There is no charge for this service—it is absolutely FREE to your website. Our hope is that we can spread this series of Bible studies to as many people as possible.

The syndicated BibleJourney Bible Study applies only to the current week's study. It does not include any of the back issues.

This is a simple way for you to provide a quality Bible Study on your web site by only inserting one small piece of script on a web page on your site (we will supply you with the script). When a visitor clicks onto that page, the script code retrieves the current study from the SBL site and shows it on your site's web page.

That's it. Of course, we reserve the right to require that BibleJourney be removed from sites where we deem the site's content inappropriate, and we make no guarantees whatsoever that your site will always see the current content. You also understand that you are not allowed to host any of SBL's website content on your site except using our JavaScript syndication method.

To take us up on the FREE offer why don't you go ahead and agree to our Syndication Agreement right now and we will send you a copy of the agreement via email and the script to add to your web site.

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