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Chronological New Testament

The New Testament was written over a sixty-year period in the first century. While Jesus lived at the beginning of the first century (6 B.C. - A.D. 33), the Gospels that tell his story were not written until later and then they were not the first books written.

Paul was the first one to write what we call a New Testament book. Most likely it was written after his first journey around the Asia. After he returned, he spent some considerable time at Antioch in Syria (Acts 14.28) sharing what God had accomplished on their journey. From Antioch in Syria, he penned his first letter which is our book of Galatians. Below is the chronological arrangement of the New Testament.

Galatians: Christian Freedom

Opening Thoughts: 1.1-5
    Faithfulness to One Gospel: An Autobiography 1.6-2.21
    Faithfulness to One Gospel: A Rebuke 3.1-4.31
    Faithfulness to One Gospel: A Request 5.1-6.10
Closing Thoughts: 6.11-18

James: Faith at Work

Opening Thought: 1.1
    True Religion 1.2-18
    True Worship 1.19-27
    True Faith 2.1-26
    True Wisdom 3.1-5.20

1 Thessalonians: He's is Coming

Opening Thought: 1.1
    In Suffering Become Imitators 1.2-10
    Imitation of Paul's Ministry 2.1-4.12
    Instruction about the Second Coming 4.13-5.24
Closing Thoughts 5.25-28

2 Thessalonians: The Day of the Lord

Opening Thoughts: 1.1-2
    Encouragement during Suffering 1.3-12
    Enlightenment about Christ's Return 2.1-17
    Exhortation to Steadfastness 3.1-15
Closing Thoughts: 3.16-18

1 Corinthians: Problem Solving

Opening Thoughts: 1.1-3
    Admonition Concerning Divisions 1.4-4.20
    Activities Denounced 5.1-6.20
    Answers to Corinthian Questions 7.1-16.9
Closing Thoughts: 16.10-24

2 Corinthians: Reconciliation

Opening Thoughts: 1.1-2
    Devoted Majority 1.3-7.16
    Deliverance for Jerusalem Saints 8.1-9.15
    Disobedient Minority 10.1-13.10
Closing Thoughts 13.11-14

Romans: God's Righteousness

Opening Thoughts: 1.1-17
    Slave to Sin 1.18-3.20
    Slave to God 3.21-8.39
    Salvation of Israel 9.1-11.36
    Service to God 12.1-16.24
Closing Thoughts: 16.25-27

Mark: An Evangelistic Tract

    Preparation of Jesus 1.1-13
    Presentation of Jesus 1.14-8.30
    Passion of Jesus 8.31-16.8

Philemon: An Appeal for Forgiveness

Opening Thoughts 1-3
    Approval of Philemon 4-7
    Appeal to Philemon 8-14
    Assurance for Philemon 15-22
Closing Thoughts: 23-25

Colossians: How to Deal With Cults

Opening Thoughts:1.1-14
    True Christian Doctrine 1.15-2.23
    True Christian Deportment 3.1-4.6
Closing Thoughts: 4.7-18

Ephesians: The Church

Opening Thoughts: 1.1-3
    Purpose and Plan of God 1.4-23
    Purpose Demonstrated in the Church 2.1-22
    Purpose Demonstrated in Paul 3.1-21
    Purpose Lived Out in Community 4.1-6.20
Closing Thoughts: 6.21.24

Luke: A Defense of the Gospel of Jesus

Opening Thoughts: 1.1-4
    Life of Jesus - Early accounts 1.5-4.13
    Upper Galilean Ministry 4.14-9.50
    Keen Determination of Jesus 9.51-19.27
    Execution of Jesus 19.28-24.53

Acts: A Defense of the Ministry of Paul

    Spirit Arrives in Jerusalem 1.1-6.7
    Proclamation in Judea-Samaria 6.8-9.31
    Inclusion of Gentiles 9.32-12.25
    Received Gospel in Asia 13.1-16.5
    Involvement of Gospel in Asia 16.6-19.20
    Trials - Appeal - Rome 19.21-28.31

Philippians: Joy Comes When Unity Abides

Opening Thoughts: 1.1-2
    Paul's Interest in the Philippian Church 1.3-26
        An Exhortation: The Pattern Of Christ to Follow 1.27-2.18
            Example of Timothy 2.19-24
            Example of Epaphroditus 2.25-30
        An Exhortation: The Pattern of Paul to Follow 3.1-4.9
    Philippian Church's Interest in Paul 4.10-20
Closing Thoughts: 4.21-23

1 Timothy: Pastoring A Second Generation Church

Opening Thoughts: 1.1-2
    Teach Sound Doctrine 1.3-20
    Edict for Public Worship 2.1-15
    Administration - Elders - Deacons 3.1-16
    Combat False Teachers 4.1-16
    Hints on Widows, Elders, and Slaves 5.1-6.3
Closing Thoughts: 6.3-21

Titus: Pastoring a First Generation Church

Opening Thoughts: 1.1-4
    Appointment of Elders 1.5-9
    Egainst False Teachers 1.10-16
    Edvice on Practical Living 2.1-3.11
Closing Thoughts: 3.12-15

2 Timothy: Passing the Torch!

Opening Thoughts 1.1-2
    Petition for Courage 1.3-2.13
    Pastoral Responsibilities 2.14-4.5
    Paul's Final Words 4.6-18
Closing Thoughts: 4.19-22

1 Peter: What to Do When The Hard Time Comes

Opening Thoughts: 1.1-2
    Praise to God 1.3-12
    Exhortation to Holy Living 1.13-21
    Toward Mutual Love 1.22-25
    Elevation to God's People 2.1-25
    Responsibilities of Believers 3.1-5.11
Closing Thoughts: 5.12-14

2 Peter: What Do You Mean He's Not Coming?

Opening Thoughts: 1.1-2
    True Knowledge 1.3-21
    Warning Against False Teachers 2.1-22
    Obsolete Doctrine No! 3.1-18

Matthew: How To Teach New Converts

Birth And Infancy : 1-2
Book One
    Narrative. Teaching, Healing and Preaching: 3.1-4.25
    Instruction. Sermon On The Mount: 5-7
Book Two
    Narrative. The Works Of The Kingdom: 8.1-9.38
    Instruction. The Disciples Sent Out: 10.1-11.1
Book Three
    Narrative. What The Kingdom Is Not: 11.2-12.50
    Instruction. The Parables Of The Kingdom: 13.1-53
Book Four
    Narrative. Suffering, Miracles, Conflict: 13.54-17.27
    Instruction. Humility, Forgiveness: 18.1-35
Book Five
    Narrative. The Old Age and The Age To Come: 19.1-23.39
    Instruction. The Future Kingdom: 24-25
Death, Resurrection, Instructions : 26-28

Hebrews: A First Century Sermon

Christ ...
    Superior to the Prophets 1.1-3
    Superior to the Angels 1.4-2.18
    Superior to Moses-Joshua 3.1-4.13
    Superior to the Priesthood 4.14-7.28
    Superior Covenant 8.1-10.18
Faith ...
    Superior Way 10.19-12.29
Closing Thoughts: 13.1-25

Jude: Combat Ready!

Opening Thoughs:1-2
    Contend for the Faith: Why? 3-16
    Contend for the Faith: How? 17-23
    Closing Thoughts: 24-25

2 John: Undesirable Guest

Opening Thoughts: 1-3
    Love One Another 4-6
    Look Out For Error 7-11
Closing Thoughts: 12-13

1 John: Belief Problems With A New Generation

Complete Joy 1.1-4
    Conduct 1.5-2.6
        Christian Love 2.7-17
            Christ in Believer 2.18-28
    Conduct 2.29-3.10
        Christian Love 3.11-24
            Christ in Believer 4.1-6
        Christian Love 4.7-5.12
    Conduct 5.13-21

3 John: Church Discipline is Important

Opening Thought: 1
    Service of Gaius 2-8
    Strife of Diotrephes 9-12
Closing Thoughts: 13-14

John: So That You May Continue To Believe

Opening Thoughts: 1.1-18
    Public Ministry of Jesus 1.19-12.50
    Private Ministry of Jesus 13.1-17.26
    Passover, Crucifixion, Resurrection 18.1-20.31
Closing Thoughts: 21.1-25

Revelation: A Book of Comfort

Opening Thoughts: 1.1-8
    Vision One 1.9-3.22
    Vision Two 4.1-16.21
        Interlude One 7.1-17
        Interlude Two 10.1-11.13
        Interlude Three 12.1-14.20
    Vision Three 17.1-21.8
    Vision Four 21.9-22.5
Closing Thoughts: 22.6-21

Copyright © 2001 Winn Griffin, D. Min. All rights reserved.

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