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How to Sponsor a LifeChanging Seminar

These seminars will enliven
your Church or Bible Study Group.

A Passion to Teach...

Teaching believers the Old and New Testament is like taking a tour through the splendor of a range of mountains and valleys. From every view it is magnificent. The heights of the mountains are breath-taking. The valleys are formed and full of wild flowers. Every sight and sound is awesome!

I have had the privilege of taking believers on this journey many times and still feel the excitement of taking the excursion once again. Seeing the faces of people as God's Word provides encouragement in their lives, hearing their groans as it impacts a well-entrenched belief, listening to the thought-provoking questions that arise when challenged by it, is one of the great experiences of life.

God wants to change the lives of his people through his Word. My passion is to help you and your people have a lasting encounter with the Word of God.

Your people will have the thrill of seeing how Scripture applies to their day-to-day life. They will be more attentive to your weekly sermons and Bible studies. I have listed who benefits and how below.

About the Instructor
Winn Griffin has been a Bible teacher, pastor, and writer for over thirty-five years. He has taught in the church and in the college system during that time. He is the founder and president of Seeing the Bible Live Ministries, ...more


Who Benefits?

Your Staff
The seminars are like taking a refresher course in the Old and New Testament. Church Staffs often get bogged down in the daily routine of ministering and need an occasional shot in the arm. This is a wonderful gift for them.

Students in College or Seminary
These two seminars put the parts of Scripture together in one complete picture. College and Seminary students often leave their studies with fragments of the story of the Bible without knowing how the story fits together. Here's an opportunity to help them put the puzzle together while applying the message to their life.

Your Christian Education Teachers
The Christian Education Department is a vital part of the church which provides information and formation to your congregation--from kids to adults. These seminars offer the CE teachers a great blessing by providing new ideas and inspiration for them. Their teaching will never be the same.

Your Congregation
Like most churches your congregation is divided between those who volunteer to work in some ministry area in the church, like choir, ushering, teachers, etc., and those whose ministry is in the secular marketplace. Your congregation often needs additional help and information to provide for their friends and neighbors when Bible subjects arise. These seminars will provide them with answers to often-asked questions, both inside and outside of the church building.

Reading Scripture can become tedious. We often read in fragments. These seminars teach believers how to better read, understand, and apply both testaments to their lives.


How Much Does It Cost?

Sound great so far? It is and here is the best part! You can know all the cost up-front, which will help you budget the event. Remember, the event is sponsored by your church. The benefits of the seminar are immeasurable! We can talk via phone or email about the cost to your church.

Your church will be responsible for transportation cost, lodging, and per diem (food and misc.) for the instructor.

Who Pays the Instructor?
At the risk of sounding overly spiritual. God does. And he does it through an offering taken at the conclusion of the seminar.


Comparable Cost...

If your people attend any one-day training courses associated with their work in the secular marketplace, they could pay from $129.00 to $300.00 per person, per day.

In the church area these numbers are often somewhat smaller, but still range from $79.00 to $195.00 per day, per person.

Walk Thru the Bible, an excellent seminar, has a minimum cost of $2,500.00 guarantee plus expense and a minimum of 150 people in attendance.


Why Is SBL Seminars So Reasonable?

Our overhead is not high. We believe that God supplies the needs, as we are faithful to do his ministry. However, the quality of the seminars is top drawer. The basic purpose of our two seminars is to teach people how the Old and New Testaments fit together to present the history of God's salvation for mankind. It is HIStory! These seminars provide your people with reading insights that will help them understand Scripture better as they continue to read. The seminars provide hope that God can and will meet their personal and community needs.


What Others Are Saying!

Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge on the Old Testament. My eyes and heart have been opened in a new way to the meaning of God's truths.

Patti Helzes

Coming from a Mormon background, this has been a wonderful eye opener. Thank you very much.

Carol Dehart

I always dreaded reading the Old Testament because I always fell asleep with the book in my lap. Now I want to read it! You have opened my eyes to the Old Testament; that makes me feel excited to read and learn.

Susan Long

This seminar taught me that relationship is the key to true meaningful worship, not vice versa.

Jim Musulina

I've taken many Old Testament classes, but this has been the most effective for my life. Winn's experience in the Pastorate and his knowledge of the Scripture reach into my life in a powerful and effective way to help me think theologically and experience God in a special way.

Dale Temple, Pastor
Coastview Christian Fellowship

Being new to the study and understanding of the word of God, Dr. Griffin has provided the much needed framework to make reading and learning exciting, understandable, and fun. This has been a truly enjoyable and captivating course. The fastest ten hours of learning I've experienced!

Mitchell Pratt

I can't tell you how impressed I was with your knowledge of the Bible. The enemy almost kept me from coming here to hear you, but I thank God that he didn't win. I just love your openness, your personality, and your honesty. It was truly an honor to be blessed by God through you. Thank you so much for being obedient.

Sherri Bond

Thanks, Winn, for causing the humanness of God's word to minister to me. It's so easy to look at the Old Testament as a story or fairy tale instead of real people serving a loving God. God bless you in your ministry as the Lord teaches his children.

Sharon Parsons

Nothing I have ever heard about the Old Testament compares to this study. I have learned that repentance and renewal is key to life in the Lord. We must learn to see both the Old and New Testaments in correct terms and understanding, which this course has prepared me to do.

Christopher Pakrey

Thank you so much for the Old Testament Overview you presented to Christian Life Fellowship. We have all been blessed through your teaching ministry. Every person present has, no doubt, been encouraged, enlightened, and hopefully has more passion for reading and understanding the word of God.

Sam Thompson, Pastor
Christian Life Fellowship

I have thoroughly enjoyed spending the last three evenings with you. My eyes have opened and I see many things now much more clearly than previously. You are truly blessed and I am blessed for having heard you.

Ronald Landan


What do you do next?

If you believe that these seminars would be beneficial for your congregation, or a number of congregations together, give Winn a call at 1.800.575.4SBL or fax us at 1.425.788.9883 or send an e-mail to or via Snail Mail at:

SBL Ministries
16111 198th Ave NE, Suite 207
Woodinville, WA 98077


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